Baptism and the Supper: Tools of Sanctification

The Christian journey is about more than getting a ticket to heaven. In fact, it’s about ongoing transformation and the daily pursuit of Christlikeness. In this blog post, we’ll explore how baptism and the Lord’s Supper serve as essential tools of sanctification. As well as how these practices contribute to both the growth and maturity of individual believers and the strengthening of the Christian community as a whole.

Baptism: Setting Apart for Community

Baptism marks the beginning of a believer’s journey. It’s an act of setting apart, not for isolation, but for community. Through baptism, individuals identify themselves as part of the larger Christian community. This is where your Christian walk begins.

The Role of the Christian Community

Active involvement in a local church is crucial for spiritual growth. In short, it is within the context of the local church that individual believers receive instruction in the Scriptures, engage in corporate worship, and grow in maturity through mutual encouragement and selfless service.

Consequently, those who choose to live isolated from local church community disadvantage themselves. Because, it’s only among the body of believers that you find accountability, support, and the means to grow in Christ.

The Lord’s Supper: Covenant Renewal

Just as baptism initiates believers into the community, the Lord’s Supper serves as an act of covenant renewal. In the early Church, confession of sin and reconciliation with others were prerequisites for partaking in the Supper.
This practice reminds believers that they are part of a covenant community, bound together by the blood of Christ. Furthermore, it reinforces the importance of reconciliation and unity among believers. As a result, we grow in Christlikeness.

The Role of the Holy Spirit

The work of sanctification is not something believers can achieve on their own. Instead, it is the Holy Spirit who mediates the presence and ministry of Christ. As a result, Christ works in our lives to conform us to his image.

Therefore, both baptism and the Lord’s Supper serve as occasions where the Holy Spirit is at work, deepening believers’ understanding of their identity in Christ and their need for growth in holiness.

Sanctification Through Community and Covenant

As can be seen, both baptism and the Lord’s Supper are powerful tools of sanctification for believers. Baptism introduces individuals to Christian community. Likewise it is within this community they receive spiritual nourishment and begin to grow in faith.

Furthermore, the Lord’s Supper serves as an act of covenant renewal. As such, it reinforces the importance of unity and reconciliation among the body of believers.

In sum, both ordinances contribute to spiritual growth and maturity of believers and both represent avenues through which the Holy Spirit works in the lives of believers.