How Can Churches Partner with NAMB and Support Send Cities?

Churches can partner with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and support Send Cities in a variety of ways.

Below you will discover four simply ways churches can partner with NAMB and support Send Cities.

1. Partner with NAMB through Prayer and Financial Support

First and foremost, churches can pray for and support missionaries and church planters who are working in Send Cities. Certainly, by praying for these workers and providing financial support, churches are strengthening the efforts of NAMB and their mission to Send Cities.

2. Partner with NAMB by Providing Volunteers

Second, churches can provide volunteers to help with evangelism and church planting initiatives in Send Cities. For example, by sending short-term mission teams to Send Cities, churches can provide a much needed boost to planters outreach efforts in these cities.

Partner with NAMB and Host and Event

Third, churches can partner with the NAMB to coordinate events and programs in Send Cities. To explain, by acting as a host site for conferences, seminars, and other events, churches can help generate awareness, bolster support, and encourage greater participation in these missional efforts.

4. Partner with NAMB and Provide Resources

Finally, churches can provide resources to help support Send Cities. For example, churches can donate money, materials, and other resources to help support the work of the NAMB in these cities.


By partnering with the NAMB and supporting Send Cities, churches can play a vital role in helping to spread the gospel, start new churches, and reach those who are far from God.