What is a Send City?

A Send City is a city where The North American Mission Board (NAMB) has identified a significant number of people who are not currently engaged in a church or Christian community. NAMB works with local partners in these cities to identify and develop church plants and evangelism initiatives to help reach these people.

NAMB recognizes designated cities across the United States and Canada as “Send Cities.” These cities are identified as the most strategic places to send missionaries and church planters to reach people in need of the gospel.

Why Send Cities?

Send Cities represent places where there is a great need for the gospel. These cities often have a large population of people with no affiliation to the church or the gospel. For this reason, NAMB sends missionaries and church planters to these cities.

Furthermore, Send Cities matter because they have the potential to be hubs of gospel transformation. For example, by planting churches and establishing healthy Christian communities in these locations, NAMB creates an opportunity for the gospel to influence and impact more people.

The Big Idea

NAMB is committed to reaching the lost in Send Cities. As a result, it has developed programs and initiatives to do just that. Through these efforts, NAMB works to both bring the gospel to those who need it most and to start new churches in unchurched areas.

For more information visit https://www.namb.net/send-network/.