Pray Like This: How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life

The Significance of Prayer to Your Spiritual Life

There’s nothing more critical to your spiritual development than developing a powerful prayer life. We know that there are many disciplines we should be practicing as followers of Jesus. For example, we should be gathering for worship regularly. Likewise, we should read the Scriptures consistently, connect with genuine community, and practice generosity. Undoubtedly, these disciplines help us grow and become the men and women that God desires us to be. Particularly, prayer is critical. I think that most of us would agree, if you’re a follower of Jesus, that prayer is important. As a result, we will focus on prayer in this post as the first of a series of posts on prayer.

Scriptural Foundations for Prayer

The Bible is full of example prayers and teaching on prayer. In fact, the word prayer is mentioned more than 1100 times in the Bible. Unquestionably, prayer is a recurring theme in the Scriptures.

When you read through the Gospels, you see that Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer. Particularly, he invests a lot of time in solitude, seeking the power of God. When in solitude, Jesus finds himself alone with his Father, and he speaks to God in prayer.

Now, Jesus is the Son of God. Nevertheless, he considered prayer to be critical to his own spiritual life. He disciplined himself to cultivate a powerful prayer life. If that’s true, then how much more critical is it you and me to do the same?

I don’t know many Christians who say, “It doesn’t matter if you pray.” Or, “God doesn’t care if you pray.” Generally, we all agree that prayer is important.

But do you have a powerful prayer life?

Common Obstacles to Prayer

Whether you have a disciplined prayer life or not, I would venture to guess that you want to pray. You want to have a powerful prayer life. Perhaps you do have a powerful prayer life. Be that as it may, for many of us, either because you don’t know how to pray or were never taught to pray, you find prayer to be complicated, or boring, or frustrating.

Unfortunately, if you find prayer to be boring or frustrating, that leads to one unfortunate outcome: the abandonment of prayer. Consequently, your prayer life is nil. Non-existent. Absent. Sure, sometimes you might throw up those shotgun prayers. To explain, a shotgun prayer is what happens when you find yourself in a situation where you need a little helping hand. All of a sudden, you throw up that Hail Mary prayer:

“Dear God, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but come through real quick!. Please, I need you now!”

That doesn’t have to be you. Prayer doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating for you. In fact, what we learn from Jesus is that prayer can be a powerful part of your life. Similarly, prayer can be an instrument that God uses to change your life. Moreover, God can use prayer to show you his presence and power in your life. Prayer is critical.

The Potential of Prayer

If we truly learn to pray, we won’t find prayer to be boring. That’s a guarantee. Furthermore, if we truly learn how to pray, prayer won’t be a frustrating experience or an exercise in futility. Instead, prayer will become something that empowers you to live a full life, increases your faith, and helps shape you into the man or woman you were created to be.

Simple Step: Begin the Journey Toward Developing a Powerful Prayer Life

Take a deliberate step toward nurturing your prayer life. Set aside a specific time daily, even if just a few minutes, dedicated to prayer. Consider starting a prayer journal to document your thoughts, requests, and experiences in communion with God.

Share Your Experience:

Share instances where persistent prayer has made a profound difference in your life or in the lives of those around you. Your stories have the potential to uplift and inspire others in their own spiritual journeys.