Pray Like This: Our Father in Heaven

When Jesus teaches us to pray, “Our Father in heaven,” we should realize how radical that is. This is only possible because we have been adopted into God’s family through faith in Jesus. Understanding this has the potential to dramatically transform the way you pray. Let’s explore.

Your Perfect Father

When you kneel in prayer as a follower of Jesus, you’re not addressing an abstract being—no, you’re speaking to none other than God your Father. Think about that for a moment. For every believer, this realization is monumental. For one thing, it means that you belong to God’s family. More than that, it’s an assurance that God is not distant, disinterested, or too preoccupied for you. He’s your Dad, and let’s face it, He’s perfect.

Your Earthly Father v Your Heavenly Father

Certainly, many of us have complicated relationships with our fathers. That’s true whether you’re father deserved that “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug or not. As a father myself, I strive to be the best dad I can be to my four children. Yet, I am far from perfect. Still, we cannot let our experience with our earthly fathers–whether good or bad–cloud our understanding of who God is as our Father in heaven. Because God is a perfect Father, he far surpasses our human limitations and shortcomings. In fact, the those imperfections serve to magnify God’s perfection.

A perfect father is attentive, engaged, and present. And here’s the amazing truth: if God is your Father through faith in Christ, then the one who created the universe cares deeply about you. Wrap your mind around this: The God who spoke existence into being, who sits in glorious sovereignty, is available to you. He doesn’t view you as a chore to avoid, or a failure to judge or condemn, but as a cherished child—loved perfectly.

Praying to Your Father in Heaven

Let’s talk about how this profound truth can transform your prayer life. Our Father in heaven is all powerful. Our God reigns in the heavens and does exactly as he pleases. His power is unmatched. Nothing else compares. So, when you pray, set aside any doubts about His care, attention, or capability. Jesus assures us right from the start that our Father cares deeply about us, and he is able to overcome any challenge life throws our way. So, don’t come to him with hesitation or doubt. Instead, speak to your Father with confident faith. Pray believing he cares and is more than capable of meeting your needs.

Taking the First Step

As you spend time in prayer this week, make it a practice to begin with a focus on God’s glory and goodness. Take time to acknowledge his perfect care for you as your Father and find peace in his power and presence.

Engage with Your Experience

How has praying to God as your perfect Father in heaven impacted your life? Share your own experience and encourage others as they seek to develop a powerful prayer life.