We are here for you.

Find the Help You Need

Our Commitment to Community Care

We believe the church has a responsibility to help those who are hurting and/or in need. As a result, at First Sachse we take seriously our obligation to provide assistance and care to those experiencing financial hardship within our local community.

Our Approach to Financial Assistance

Financial aid is one of many ways in which the Church serves the community, and should be provided in a way that is helpful to the development of individuals in the context of the Gospel, and in a way that reinforces Biblical responsibility and a heart of stewardship for both those giving and those receiving.

Our Understanding of the Problem

We believe God does not desire for people to experience lack or need. Yet, many people live each day facing serious economic challenges. This is not God’s desire or his doing. Instead, it is an unfortunate reality for many living in this world broken by sin. However, there is hope. God is working to make all things new.

Our Reason for Offering Assistance

We believe that Jesus gave everything of himself to give us everything we need. Through faith in Christ we find God’s blessing and Fatherly provision.

Therefore, we hope you see God’s heart in us as we seek to bless others as God has blessed us.