What do you believe? — Exploring Life’s Basic Questions

This captivating three-week series challenges perceptions and offers profound insights. Join us as we explore the question of God’s existence, wrestle with the mysteries of morality, and discover proven pathways to restore broken relationships. This series promises to provoke thought, inspire reflection, and provide guidance on life’s most basic problems.

What to expect

This series isn’t just about intellectual inquiry—it’s about grappling with existential questions that shape our worldview:

  • The Need for God
  • Navigating Morality
  • Finding Forgiveness

what you’ll gain

By engaging in these crucial topics, you stand to gain:

  • Greater Self-Reflection
  • Clearer Convictions
  • True Hope

Ready to Explore?

Whether you’re seeking answers, grappling with doubts, or simply curious, this series invites you to ponder life’s profound mysteries with us.

one: If God Doesn’t Exist

Some think of religion as a man-made institution used by the few to manipulate the many. Others see it as an evolutionary crutch used to explain the unexplainable. And with advances in science and technology many people find religion to be obsolete. Is that true? Or is religion fundamental to what it means to be human?

two: right and wrong

Who decides what is right and wrong? If God exists, then he is the ultimate standard and everyone is accountable to him. If that’s true, then how do we discover right and wrong? And what should we do if we find ourselves to be in the wrong? Discover how the Scriptures guide us to discover truth and teach us how to respond when we find ourselves in the wrong.

three: do you need forgiveness?

If it’s true that God determines what is right and wrong, then what does that mean for us when we do what is wrong rather than what is right? How does our sin affect our relationship with God? What can be done to fix what has gone wrong?